The Easiest Baby Full Month Party Ever

It’s traditional in certain Asian cultures to celebrate the first full month of a baby’s life. The celebration overflows with the joy that a new baby brings, and it provides loved ones and friends with the opportunity to see the baby and visit the new parents.

Of course, the first month of the baby’s life is also not easy for the parents. As a parent, you’re struggling through the lack of sleep and the constant routine of diaper changes and feedings. Don’t add more stress to your life by trying to handle the full month party all by yourself! Let the experts at Eatz Catering take over the food and some of the other logistics for you.

Pricing and Quantities

Our Singapore catering service offers three different baby full month catering packages, each with slightly different menu options. Our first menu set is the most affordable, at just $11.80 per person, or $12.63 with GST. The menu is available for a minimum of 30 people, but you can double or triple that number depending on how many guests you expect to have.

Menu Choices

Our most budget-friendly menu for a full month party starts out with delicious Lemongrass Thai Fish Cakes as the appetiser. Next, your guests will be treated to boiled red eggs in a Chinese red basket, a specialty offering that symbolises fertility and family. Glutinous rice with dried shrimp and mushrooms is also served in individual portions.

Next comes the Red Ang Ku Kueh with peanut or red bean filling. You can indicate the gender of your baby so that Eatz Catering’s chefs can customise the Red Ang Ku Kueh accordingly.
Hot, savoury dishes like signature Sweet-Sour Fish, Chicken Curry with Potatoes, and Oriental Fried Rice are filling and satisfying for your guests. Deluxe Mixed Vegetables with Straw Mushrooms and Vegetarian Fried Bee Hoon are vegetarian-friendly options that also support your health as a new parent.

Finish the meal with a sweet treat— Crystal Glass Jelly with Longan and Selasih, and partake of beverages like Apple Cordial or Aloha Fruit Punch.

Rental Options

Are you planning to have a large baby full month party with lots of friends and relatives? Eatz Catering rents out tables and chairs in various styles, along with table linens. We also rent glassware and chinaware, napkins and coffee cups. We’ll even provide flowers at a reasonable price. In fact, we can be your one-stop shop for all your baby full month needs, taking on the work of setup, cooking, serving, and cleanup, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy the time spent with your baby and your loved ones. It’s the easiest full month party ever.

Helpful Consultants

When you’re ready to order everything you need for your precious little one’s full month celebration, just contact Eatz Catering, your high-quality Halal caterer in Singapore. You can order online, call us, or email us— whatever is most convenient for you. Our friendly consultants are ready to help you sort out the details of the event and create a menu and setup plan that works smoothly, leaving you stress-free.