The Essential Checklist for Your Singapore Wedding

You’ve met the right person to share life with, and you’re getting married! Now that the thrill of the engagement is subsiding a bit, you’re faced with the monumental task of planning the wedding. Where should you begin? Review this checklist of essentials that you’ll need to have a successful wedding in Singapore.

1. Choose the Venue

Your first task is to select the venue for your wedding. Pick a place that fits your budget and has enough room to accommodate all your guests. The venue should also lend itself well to the theme or colour scheme of the wedding. Try to find a venue that appeals to both you and your spouse-to-be.

2. Book the Caterer

Remember, you may be booking the same caterer for more than one meal around the time of your wedding. You’ll need catering for the reception, of course; but you may also need catering for a family dinner the night before the wedding. Perhaps a lot of extra family members will be in town during the week before the wedding; you could order some boxed lunches or mini buffets to feed everyone without causing yourself additional work or stress.

3. Select the Menu

The reception menu is a very important part of the wedding, one that your guests will remember for years. Take time to select the menu that you and your guests will love. You can also choose to have a live stall with food being prepared right before your guests as part of the entertainment at your reception. If you’re not sure what kind of food you want to serve, browse the available wedding buffet menus and wedding tea reception menus on the Eatz Catering website.

4. Decide on Decorations

Some wedding venues already have decorations in place, or they may provide some options for you. Your catering service in Singapore may also include decor options along with your catering package, so be sure to take advantage of those cost-effective items. For example, Eatz Catering supplies silk flower arrangements, table linens that go with your wedding colours, wedding arches, reception tables, and other options. Some of the items may be complimentary, depending on the catering package you select.

5. Speak with the Wedding Officiant

In certain situations, your ceremony venue may provide the officiant for your wedding, such as a priest, pastor, justice of the peace, or some other licensed solemniser. In other cases, you may need to find the officiant yourself, perhaps with the recommendation of friends or family. Secure the time and date with your solemniser and make sure that you provide that individual with the wedding vows or other text that will be used during the ceremony.

6. Find a Photographer and Videographer

You’ll want to document the start of your new life as a couple, so be sure to hire a skilled photographer and videographer to help preserve the memories of your wedding. Have the photographer and videographer on hand during the wedding preparations, the ceremony, and the reception. You may also want to schedule a separate, formal bridal photoshoot in addition to the ceremony photos and candid shots at the reception.

7. Order the Cake and Flowers

Pay a visit to the baker and the florist well in advance of the wedding. You’ll get to sample some cakes, check out some fresh blooms, and explore your options. Make sure that you secure the services of these in-demand vendors at least 6 months before your wedding.

8. Hire a Band or DJ

Do you plan to have dancing at your wedding reception? Whether you want an exciting dance party or a calm, relaxing experience, you’ll need some music to make it perfect. Talk to friends and listen to music samples to find a local Singapore band or DJ that suits your style.

9. Book a Driver

Arrange transportation for your out-of-town guests and for you and your bridal party on the day of the wedding. The cars or limousines should be booked at least 4 months in advance. If you’re too busy with other wedding plans, delegate this task to a trusted family member or friend.

10. Buy or Rent the Outfits

Many men simply rent a tuxedo or other formal garments for the wedding. Plan ahead and reserve these items ahead of time. The bride will also need a traditional garment or a beautiful modern wedding dress to wear.

With these ten tasks accomplished, you’re well on your way to a successful wedding day! Call Eatz Catering to learn more about our comprehensive wedding packages!

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