The Perfect Wedding Tea Reception

A tea reception is an elegant way to bring everyone together during the wedding festivities. The menu is generally lighter and more delicate than the food served at a traditional wedding dinner with a buffet. Make sure that you experience the perfect tea reception at your wedding! Hire Eatz Catering to handle all the food and beverages, arranging the details so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Budget-Friendly Options

Our catering service in Singapore accommodates weddings and other gatherings of all sizes and budgets. We know that weddings are expensive, so we provide a range of different wedding tea reception and wedding buffet price points. Our least expensive tea reception costs just $11.80 per person, or $12.63 with GST. You’ll need to order food for a minimum of 200 guests to take advantage of this excellent price.

Cocktail Sandwiches

Along with reasonable pricing and premium service, you receive high-quality food for all your guests. The reception begins with a selection of assorted Cocktail Sandwiches, including Egg Mousse and Tuna with onions and vegetables.

Main Courses

After sampling the little sandwiches, your guests move on to the delectable hot dishes. The Dim Sum Duet is a favourite from our Singapore catering service, and it consists of beautifully steamed Siew Mai and Soon Kueh.

If your guests crave a little exotic flavour, they can sample the delicious Hawaiian pizza. For something hearty and satisfying, there is a choice of a Baked Mushroom Chicken Pie, as well as a heaping mound of hot and spicy Baked Chicken Drumlets.

Also offered among the hot dishes are delicacies like Bean Curd Skin with seafood paste filling. Seafood Cheese Rolls are a savoury treat, and the Sin Chow Fried Bee Hoon is sure to please the hungriest of guests.

Delicious Desserts

What better way to celebrate love and romance than with a selection of sweet treats? Our elegant tea reception comes with three dessert options. Oven-baked Bread and Butter Pudding with warmed vanilla sauce is a comforting treat, while our Signature Mixed Fruit Cake also tends to draw a crowd. The third option is a delicately prepared Mango Bean Curd, chilled, with Fruit Cocktail and Aloe Vera.

Thirst-Quenching Beverages

A tea reception wouldn’t be complete without the tea itself, so remember to order coffee and tea. Eatz Catering provides sugar and creamer as well. You can also choose to have Pleasant Pink Guave, Luscious Lemon Barley, or Aloha Fruit Punch as beverage options for the reception.

Wedding Packages

If you order food for a tea reception or wedding buffet that totals over $1,500, you’ll receive an amazing package deal from Eatz Catering. The package includes the full buffet layout, including tables, linens, and food warms, along with a complimentary silk flower arrangement for the buffet line. You’ll also have a reception table with complimentary silk flowers, a food tasting session before the big day, and your choice of your preferred wedding colours for the table linens and other decor elements involving the tea reception area.

For these large orders, the transportation fee is also waived. Endless cold beverages, plenty of plastic disposable tableware, and two service staff to refill the buffet line are also part of this deal. For parties whose orders exceed $2,500 or $5,000, there are additional complimentary offerings and benefits. Call Eatz Catering today to find out more.

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