Throw an Elegant Cocktail Reception with Eatz Catering

A cocktail reception is a good way to let everyone gather to celebrate a significant event, such as a wedding, an awards ceremony, or an annual corporate gathering. Perhaps you have been reluctant to throw a cocktail party or reception because of the amount of work and planning that it takes. Fortunately, one of the top caterers in Singapore has a cocktail menu that will take the stress off your mind and please your guests. Discover what’s included with our first-level cocktail reception.

Our Halal Catering Guarantee

First of all, rest assured that every buffet, mini buffet, tea reception, or cocktail reception catered by Eatz Catering is completely Halal. We are proud to be a Halal caterer in Singapore, and we take our responsibility towards our clients very seriously. You’ll find nothing objectionable by way of food or beverages in our carefully crafted menus.

Pre-Cocktail Finger Foods

To start off, your guests will be able to partake of a plate of delicious Assorted Mixed Nuts. Then they will move on to tasty Canapes and Hors D’oeuvres like Smoked Salmon Tartare Croutes and Beef Rolls with Asparagus.

A Taste of Japan

At our reception, we make available a “Japanese Corner,” where your guests can sample some delicious, fresh Japanese Sushi. The sushi is served up on lovely platters with accompaniments of Shoyu and Wasabi.

Hot Favourites

Delicate and delicious hot favourites are next on the menu. These delicacies are made to be sampled in small quantities, and they are bursting with wonderful flavours. Our catering service provides Chicken Sausages wrapped in Turkey or Chicken Bacon on Skewers. We prepare pan-fried Gyoza with ginger and vinegar, as well as tasty fried Tulip Chicken Drumlets. Your guests may also enjoy small servings of perfectly baked Quiche Lorraine.


While some Singapore caterers may limit their cocktail menu availability to a specific time of the day, Eatz Catering makes it available at anytime, with the earliest delivery being at 8:30 a.m. If you need the food any earlier than 8:30 in the morning, additional surcharges will apply.
We would suggest that you arrange your cocktail party at a time when people are not expecting a full lunch or dinner to be served. While the food served at our cocktail receptions is amazing, it is meant to be sampled in small amounts while guests mingle and chat; so it is not intended to substitute a full meal.

Other Options

If you’d like something even more exclusive and luxurious, you can try the next-level cocktail reception menu from Eatz Catering. This particular menu features more decadent treats to indulge your guests. It will be start at a higher price point of $18, or $19.26 with GST. To see the entire menu, you can visit our website.

Ready to Order?

When you’re ready to arrange the details for an affordable cocktail reception, contact Eatz Catering, your Singapore caterer for any event. You’ll love the delicious food, beautiful presentation and friendly, caring service that we provide.