What Makes Singapore a Favourite Foodie Destination?

A new generation of foodies is discovering the allure of Singapore as a culinary hot-spot. Thanks to the unique mix of cultures within its borders, Singapore is the perfect place to try different types of cuisines and to revel in multi-layered flavours and the unexpected richness of simple ingredients. Explore a few of the reasons why Singapore is a favourite destination for foodies and gourmets.

Food Here, Food There

No matter where you look in Singapore, you can find delicious food. From the chefs in the most exclusive restaurants and cooks in the hawker centres to the catering companies providing food for the masses, most Singaporeans take great pride in the food they make, and foodies on a visit to Singapore reap the benefits of that pride and expertise.

Furthermore, catering in Singapore isn’t just a matter of mass production or convenience; it’s an art form in which food is prepared carefully and presented beautifully to the guests at the event.

A Mingling of Cultures and Tastes

Singapore is a celebration of cultural fusion. The blending of Chinese and Malaysian cultures has created a special depth and richness in the Singaporean way of living and eating. One familiar and beloved style of cooking, born from China and Malaysia, is Peranakan cuisine. This type of cuisine features layered flavours and an array of warm, rich, comforting dishes.

If you haven’t tried Peranakan food before, you’re missing out! Ask the Eatz Catering staff to provide a delectable Peranakan buffet at your next family gathering, birthday celebration, or corporate event. You’ll fall in love with dishes like Kueh Pai Tee, Nonya Mee Siam, Ayam Masak Buah Keluak, and Sambal Belachan fried rice.

A Blend of the Best Asian Cuisine

Although the Chinese and Malaysian influences are dominant, other Asian cultures have influenced the cuisine of Singapore as well. India, Japan, Thailand, and other nations in the surrounding area have lent their flavour palettes to Singapore’s cuisine. Experience this amalgam of flavours with one of the ultra-popular Fusion Asian buffets from Eatz Catering.

Available in a number of variations, these much-loved buffets feature delicacies like curry triangle samosas, Thai-style grilled chicken, steamed Soon Kueh with sweet sauce, and Sin Chow Fried Bee Hoon. Unique dishes like golden prawns with creamy salted egg sauce, New Zealand mussels with coconut gravy, and sesame Chinese asparagus introduce diners to a new range of complementary flavours.

A Celebration of Diversity

In Singapore, you can find food that appeals to people of all different religions, backgrounds, and dietary preferences. A quality Singapore caterer like Eatz Catering offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan options; and while they may not be able to ensure that every dish is completely grain-free or dairy-free, they will often work with clients to ensure that everyone at the event leaves happy and satisfied.

Plus, Singapore has halal caterers who accommodate the dietary restrictions of Muslims, out of respect to their faith and their unique needs. Eatz Catering also supplies healthy yet delicious choices for food lovers who need to watch their consumption of fats and sugars.

If you’re eager to taste the delights of a Peranakan buffet or Fusion Asian buffet at your next event in Singapore, contact Eatz Catering right away. We’ll put your event on our schedule and work with you to ensure that the food for your gathering is a true success!