What’s Hot at Eatz Catering? Discover Customer Favourites!

As a top-notch Singapore caterer, Eatz Catering produces hundreds of fantastic appetizers, salads, entrees, desserts, and specialty dishes. We have dozens of buffet sets available, along with bento boxed lunches, tea reception menus, and much more. All of our food is delicious, but there are certain buffet options that are true customer favourites. Our mini buffets are among our most popular selections. Check out the top four mini buffets available from Eatz Catering!

The Continental Breakfast Buffet

The Continental Breakfast Mini Buffet serves 12 guests. Whether you’re hosting family members, friends, tourists, or corporate guests overnight, you’ll find that a tasty continental breakfast puts everyone in a good mood the next morning. At the buffet, your guests will find Crispy Fried American Hash Brown Potatoes, Scrambled Eggs, and Freshly Baked Croissants. Instead of traditional sausage, Eatz Catering supplies a Halal option, Grilled Chicken Frankfurters.

Blueberry and Banana Muffins are also available, and your health-conscious guests can select fruit from our premium fresh fruit platter. Fresh orange juice is the perfect complement to this hearty yet healthy morning meal.

The Singapore Mini Buffet Set

Would you like to give your international guests a taste of the authentic flavours of Singapore? Present them with a magnificent spread of Singapore’s popular dishes, including Seafood Fried Rice and Golden Butter Prawns. Deluxe Mixed Vegetables and Sweet-Sour Fish provide additional healthy options. Fill up on satisfying Chicken Curry with Potatoes and grab a Seafood Roll or two. To finish the meal, enjoy a Cream Puff or a Chocolate Eclair.

The Malay Mini Buffet Set

Malaysian cuisine has a unique taste of delicious flavours and spices. Impress your guests by presenting a spread of Malay food, from Ayam Goreng Kuning to Sambal Balado Prawns. Fifty sticks of chicken and mutton satay come with the buffet set, so your guests will have plenty of this savoury dish to share among and enjoy. Kampong-Style Fried Rice is a staple of Malay cuisine and is a welcome addition to your guests’ plates. Curry Vegetables and Potato Cutlets accompany this buffet set as well. Thirteen Chocolate Eclairs and thirteen Cream Puffs allow for ample dessert options.

The Chinese Mini Buffet Set

If you’re not sure what to serve your guests, go with the classic Chinese mini buffet set from our Singapore catering service. The authentic flavours of Sweet-Sour Chicken and Broccoli with Mushrooms will please your guests. They will also get to enjoy a real delicacy— Braised Fish Maw with Seafood and Mushrooms. The buffet also includes Fried Rice with Seafood and Fish, Seafood Tofu, and Australian celery with Fish Fillets. As with many of our mini buffets, the dessert options consists of Chocolate Eclairs and Cream Puffs.

More Mini Buffets from a Top Singapore Caterer

These mini buffets are just four options from a long list of delicious buffet sets. Eatz Catering also supplies mini buffets featuring cuisine from Japan, the West, the Middle East, Northern India, and Thailand. Vegetarian buffets, party sets, premium sets, and kids’ party sets are also available. Contact Eatz Catering for all your Singapore catering needs, and we’ll be happy to serve up fresh, delicious fare at your next event.

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