What’s in Our Peranakan Buffet Catering: Ondeh Ondeh

When you have finished a delicious meal, like the kind you’ll enjoy when you order a Peranakan buffet catering package through Eatz Catering, you want that touch of sweetness at the end of the meal to finish everything perfectly. Ondeh-ondeh, or onde-onde,  is a Malaysian sweet that’s just as delicious served as a snack or a dessert. It’s a treat that you’ll want to include with your selection of Peranakan buffet menu items from a trusted catering service in Singapore like us for your next business luncheon or family reunion.

What Are Ondeh-Ondeh?

Technically, ondeh-ondeh are part of the traditional class of kuih, or Malaysian cakes. They are essentially small balls made with glutinous rice flour or sweet potato flour. The infusion of pandan juice and the filling of palm sugar adds fragrance and sweetness, and the freshness of the coconut coating is wonderfully tempting.

Because of their small size and handy shape, ondeh-ondeh are ideal for serving at children’s parties or gatherings that include little ones. They’re also a great option for guests who want a sweet bite without taking in too many calories at once.

What Ingredients Do You Need for Ondeh-Ondeh?

If you would like to prepare ondeh-ondeh at home, you’ll need a reliable recipe. One variation includes about 250 g of glutinous rice flour, 200 ml of pandan juice, 150 g of palm sugar or finely chopped gula melaka, 100 g of grated coconut, and just a pinch of sea salt.

How Do You Make Ondeh-Ondeh at Home?

Begin by combining the rice flour with the pandan juice in a large bowl. Knead the juice and flour together lightly. Prepare a pot of boiling water and drop a bit of the dough into the bubbles. The dough should rise back up quickly, and when it does, you’ll need to rescue it with a slotted spoon. Shake the spoon to rid the dough of extra water, then add it back into your bowl of dough and knead everything well. Cover the dough bowl and let it stand for 15 minutes.

While you’re waiting on the dough, add the pinch of sea salt to your grated coconut and steam the mixture for a few minutes. Set it aside to cool.

Next, bring your pot of water back to a boil. Pinch off a bit of dough and flatten it in your hand, then add some palm sugar to the center of the flattened dough. Bring the edges of the dough together over the sugar and roll the dough until it is round and smooth. When all the balls of dough are stuffed with sugar, drop them into the boiling water and let them cook for a while. When they bob back up to the top of the water, they are ready. Take them out with a slotted spoon so that the excess water can drain off, then roll each ball in the coconut shavings.

Which Singapore Catering Service Offers Ondeh-Ondeh?

Eatz Catering supplies a delicious Peranakan cuisine as part of a buffet catering package, and you can add ondeh-ondeh as part of the menu. Our ondeh-ondeh are sugar-filled and cooked to perfection, with the coconut coating adding just the right amount of texture. Whether you’re organizing a business dinner, a family luncheon, or a birthday celebration, contact us today to arrange the details for your Peranakan buffet catering.