Which Wedding Food Service Style Is Right for You?

Are you trying to decide which style of food service you need for your wedding? Perhaps you have already determined that the formal plated dinner is not an option, and you’re investigating alternatives. Find out what types of food service are typically offered by renowned caterers in Singapore.

The Premium Buffet Wedding

If you love beautifully prepared, delicious food, and you appreciate variety, you’ll want to select a big buffet from a local catering services in Singapore. One of the incredible buffets from Eatz Catering includes appetizers of creamy Japanese potato salad with ebiko, or bean curd wrapped in seafood paste. Enticing entrees include Italian baked chicken with rosemary, grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, golden fish fillets, and Hungarian lamb ragout.

On the buffet you’ll see other sides like steamed prawn Har Kaow, Chicken Siew Mai, sauteed broccoli with mushrooms, seafood fried rice, or Italian Fuseli pasta with mushrooms. Desserts include chocolate mousse and mango mousse in shot glasses, with assorted French pastries and chilled Longan with honey sea coconuts. If you’re looking for a real wedding feast, this menu is perfect, at just $16.91 per person with GST.

The Food Station Wedding

Some couples prefer to have the food spread out throughout the venue space, with each live food station serving as its own form of entertainment. Skip the buffet and order two or more live food stations, or add one or two stations along with your buffet of choice. Eatz Catering supplies live stations that serve Nonya Mee Siam, Prawn Noodle Soup, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Dim Sum, or Nonya Popiah. For more elegant live food stations, try the carving station that features roasted New Zealand ribeye, or the spaghetti and fuseli pasta station. We have stations that offer Indian cuisine, Western cuisine, sweet treats, or Malay cuisine as well.

The Affordable Wedding

If your wedding budget is tight, you need a Singapore caterer who has affordable options. Check for catering promotions in Singapore on our website, which features a selection of current deals from Eatz Catering. One of our ongoing promotions features a free wedding arch or wedding photo booth backdrop— and for larger wedding packages, we include additional items for free. We also supply different menus at a variety of price points to ensure that everyone can afford delicious, beautifully presented food at their wedding.

The Wedding Cocktail Reception or Tea Reception

Instead of a buffet or a sit-down dinner, enjoy some time with your guests during a Halal cocktail reception or tea reception provided by Eatz Catering. Our wedding tea receptions include delicacies like smoked duck, cocktail sandwiches, and baked Quiche Lorraine. Golden Ebi prawns with Wasabi dip, spinach ball with mango salad cream, Dim Sum duets, mango mousse with blueberries, and chilled mango bean curd with aloe vera and sea coconut are just a few of the additional options for a cocktail-style wedding reception.

We offer non-alcoholic, refreshing beverages such as fruit punch, luscious lychee drink, orange drink, and iced lemon tea, along with regular hot tea and coffee.

The All-Inclusive Wedding

Would you like your wedding planning to be as easy as possible? Often, a Singapore catering service can be your one-stop-shop for more than just food. For example, Eatz Catering also provides rental equipment such as tables and chairs in different styles, seat covers, table linens, ribbon bows for chairs, and much more. You can even rent chinaware, glassware, and tableware from Eatz Catering. Call us for pricing and availability.