Why Should I Hire a Halal Caterer in Singapore?

As a blended culture, composed of many languages and people groups, Singapore society functions because of tolerance and acceptance. Respect for a person’s religious background is one of the core values in Singapore, and that respect sometimes extends to the area of food choices. Around 15 percent of teens and adults in Singapore follow Islam, a religion that forbids certain foods or modes of food preparation.

The Importance of Respect

If you are not a Muslim, you may find it hard to understand the religious restrictions on food. However, it’s important to show respect to your Muslim colleagues, friends, or family members, whether or not you follow their religious path. If you are hosting a large group, you’ll probably have some Muslims in attendance. Out of respect to them, hire a Halal caterer in Singapore, a caterer that will prepare “clean,” delicious food for guests of all religions and backgrounds. Remember, for these individuals, eating something unclean is sinful and acutely painful to the conscience.

If you’re not a Muslim yourself, but you have friends or colleagues who are, you may be interested in learning more. Check out our Eatz Catering guide to Halal food in Singapore to gain additional insight into this special dietary path.

The Extent of Halal Restrictions

Halal catering goes beyond simply avoiding certain foods. Following a Halal diet also means that specific restrictions are in place for the slaughter and preparation of meats as well. For example, Halal animals such as sheep, cattle, or chickens must be slaughtered by a Muslim. The Muslim butcher prayers over the animal and then kills it quickly with a sharp knife. The blood is completely drained before the meat is prepared and cooked.

In addition, a truly Halal meal should never involve the use of kitchen implements or equipment that may have also been used for cooking pork or other forbidden foods. A non-Muslim may cook the food, but the kitchen itself must be maintained in keeping with Halal guidelines. No lard, pork, pork by-products, alcohol, or similar substances should ever be used in a kitchen that prepares Halal food.

Halal Certification for Caterers

It is the responsibility of Halal caterers in Singapore to adhere to Halal requirements when preparing food. Restaurants or caterers that have Halal certification and fail to follow the rules can be heavily fined and have their certification revoked. Some restaurants and Singapore caterers have found that having parallel kitchen spaces is a valid solution when they are preparing both Halal meals and regular meals for their customers.

Finding a Reliable Halal Caterer

Are you looking for a reliable, ethical Halal caterer with a valid, up-to-date Halal certification from Majilis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS)? Eatz Catering has a current Halal certification from MUIS, which we maintain every year. We take our responsibility to our clients very seriously; in fact, we prepare only Halal menus for all our clients, Muslim or not. From the sources of our meat to the utensils, dishes, and food warmers we use, everything is maintained according to Halal standards. When you choose Eatz Catering as your choice for catering in Singapore, you and your guests can enjoy a clean, delicious meal, no matter what your religion may be.